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JW Landscaping offers removal, delivery, and installatin of sod. The most common variety in South Florida is St. Augustine and is available in two types:

  • Floritam - for full sun exposure
  • Palmetto - for shade areas (or sun)


South Florida is a very appropirate area for utilizing mulch. Mulch is a protective covering applied to the base of plants and trees. Mulching of landscped areas conserves soil moisture (reducing the need for irrigation) and aids in suppressing weeds (reducing the need for toxic weed killers). Miami-Dade County is known to have soil low in organic content, therefore utilizing much is particularly useful because as it breaksdown it improves the soil nutrient content and physical structure.

JW Landscaping will gladly evaluate your property and suggest an appropriate mulch.


Miami is fortunate to have several sources for decorative rocks, colorful pebbles and numerous sizes and shapes of landscaping boulders. Rocks and boulders are excellent accent pieces, space fillers and can be used in a practical manner as seating or walk-paths.


Homestead is home to some of the country's premier flower growers. We are almost never at a loss for fresh, beautiful flowers. South Florida reaps the benefits of many flowers blooming throughout the year, contributing towards colorful landscapes.