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Tree Services

Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming can be controversial, many arborists will advise never cutting on a healthy tree. JW Landscaping's philosophy is, many healthy trees will require and can sustain selective pruning. Pruning as a result of unbalanced growth habits, for removal of dead or decaying branches, or proximity to other trees and structures are all valid reasons to trim.

Tree Services

Storm and Hurricane Damage

In South Florida we also have a legitimate cause to trim preventatively, so as to minimize damage to the tree itself and/or structures as a result of storms or hurricanes. The procedure of "hat racking" or cutting all branches at the same level in an effort to reduce the size of a tree is a practice we do not condone, will not perform and is now illegal in many municipalities. Selective pruning while maintaining the health and integrity of a tree is something we've been performing for 25 years!

In addition, up-righting downed trees, stacking, bracing, re-location and fertilization are all included in the services JW Landscaping offers. Special requests are welcome! Call us today at 305.661.8643 or use our contact form to send us a message.